Your PSC Student Contract must be completed and returned to the MT before you may begin any Modules.

Download, sign and return to your MT:

PSC Contract and Liability Form

Textbooks and Manuals: All PSC Manuals are included in the program and issued by module. 

  • Pilates Fundamentals and Philosophy: PSC Nuts and Bolts will be provided as part of the program by your Master Teacher. 
  • Advanced Anatomy Textbook and Flashcards: Use the following links to purchase the required text and flashcards for the course:

Thieme’s Atlas of Anatomy – Edition 2

Trail Guide to the Body – Flashcard Set, Volume 1 – Skeletal System, Joints and Ligaments and Movement of the Body 

Volume 2 – Muscles of the Body

Liability Insurance

  • As part of your training, practice, practice teaching hours, etc., you will need student liability insurance. 
    • We recommend Pilates Insurance PLUS which offers a special Student Rate of $25 for the year as a student. Enroll online at or call 1-800-222-1110 and mention the Inside Out Method for the Student Rate.
    • If you already have Personal Training Liability insurance, please add additional insured as required by your MT and/or Host Studio and submit a copy to MT. 

YOUR insurance should include the name of the facility you will be utilizing to practice and complete your Teacher Training AS AN ADDITIONAL INSURED, and the following coverage minimums need to be specified:

Personal Professional Liability Insurance naming (your facility) *Example – The Guild Pilates Plus, 3337 Sutherland Avenue, Knoxville TN 37919 at a minimum of $2,000,000 Aggregate and $1,000,000 per occurrence. 

A current copy of this is required before you may begin teaching/training at your facility.