Meet Susie G

Susie Gorman Green

Owner and Trainer

    • Master’s of Science University of Tennessee, Human Performance and Sports Studies


    • Pilates Teacher – Pilates Sports Center – PSC
    • Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher – NCPT – 2015
    • Master Pilates Teacher Trainer – Pilates Sports Center – 2017
    • Mat Pilates and Small Apparatus – Balanced Body
    • HKC Kettlebell Instructor – Russian Kettlebell Certification
    • Personal Fitness Trainer – Expert – AAAI/ISMA
    • Yoga Teacher – AAAI/ISMA
    • Johnny G Spinning Instructor – Madd Dogg Athletics


    • Common Problems in The Pilates Studio – PSC
    • Scoliosis and Protocols in The Pilates Studio I & II – PSC
    • Core Align 1 – Balance Body
    • Breathing for Life – The Franklin Method
    • Sports Nutrition – AAAI/ISMA
    • Older Adult – AAAI/ISMA
    • Pre and Post Natal Pilates – Mittra Teacher Training

Her Story

Susie, a native of Tennessee, began her career as a health and fitness professional in 1988. For twelve years, she worked for the Tennessee Men’s Athletic Department as The Spirit Coordinator for the award winning Tennessee Cheerleaders and Dance Teams.   During this time, Susie received her Master of Science in Human Performance and Sport Studies from the University of Tennessee. While in graduate school, she increased her knowledge of personal training by apprenticing with a highly skilled fitness instructor.  Additionally, she taught Kinesiology classes for the Exercise Science Department, adjunct, during her stint at UT.  Since1991, she has taught and certified personal trainers and group exercise instructors and mentored Master Teacher Trainers for the American Aerobics Association International (AAAI/ISMA). To this day, Susie is still an AAAI/ISMA Master Teacher Trainer, Pilates Sports Center Master Pilates Teacher Trainer, ACE Continuing Education Specialist and Pilates Method Alliance CPT teaching students nationally and internationally.

In 2000, Susie relocated to Manhattan Beach, California and began a full-time fitness career in Los Angeles. Susie worked as a Group Exercise Manager and soon was positioned as a Master Teacher Trainer for Bally’s. Wanting to get back to teaching individual personal training, she took her expertise to the Manhattan Country Club where she worked for seven years.

After years of focus and dedication to honing her profession, Susie found herself yearning for additional intense exercise and competition. She began to run marathons, participating in USCF bike racing and swimming the master’s programs. She suffered overuse injuries from these various activities. As a result of the injuries, Susie decided to deepen her knowledge, hired herself a personal trainer and began to study the Pilates method.

Susie is passionate about helping individuals achieve a total balanced training program through Pilates, Yoga, strength and conditioning and metabolic and cardiovascular training. Her passion is learning! She constantly attends fitness workshops, researches the latest health information and keeps herself in check by working with mentors in her field. Susie works with a wide spectrum of clients and she looks at personal training as an evolving journey for each person.

Susie on the bike.
My Favorite Dogs!

She is married to Curtis Green and has a family of four rescue dogs. She guest lectures and teaches fitness classes at Corporate Conferences for Destination Concepts in Southern California. Her interests include triathlons and animal rescue.