Exercise Fundamentals and Advanced Anatomy

A 6-week self-study course culminating with a single 12-hour in-person class: College level Applied Kinesiology inspired by the Pilates Method Alliance requirements for the NCPT Exam. 

Required Books:

Thieme’s Atlas of Anatomy, Ed 2 

Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards 5th Ed – Muscles of the Human Body


Advanced Anatomy and Exercise Essentials

A university level Applied Muscle Anatomy and Kinesiology course in four, four hour video modules: 

Module One – The Spine, The Cage and Breath 

Module Two – The Shoulder Girdle, Shoulder Joint, Elbow, Wrist and Hand

Module Three – The Pelvis, Hip, Knee and Foot  

Module Four – The Human Body Full Circle, Body Typing, Muscles Slings and Exercise Set-Up

Each Module has:

Pre-reading Assignment using the Thieme’s Anatomy book

Video Time: 

  1. Follow along PowerPoint presentation to teach anatomy concepts from the Thieme’s Anatomy book and the Trail Guide Flashcards
  2. Reading Time with Fred – Focus on Detailed Pictures using the Thieme’s Anatomy book
  3. Corrective Exercise and Joint Line Actions and movement techniques with emphasis on Pilates Methodology

Anatomy Project –  Fill out Muscle & Bony Anatomy 

Assessment Quiz 

*CECs: NCPT 16 Price $600.00 or $175.00 per Module.

Read the Flyer for More Info: Advanced Anatomy and Exercise Essential

Bounce Back From Breast Cancer

 Offered on Video Platform

This specialty class is for Pilates teachers who are working with individuals recently diagnosed with breast cancer that have been cleared to exercise by their physicians.

The objective of the course is to design fitness programs specifically for this population, and to assist them in gaining control over their lives in the Pilates Studio. This class teaches a Four-Phase Exercise Protocol for Post-Breast Cancer Treatments, defines oncologic and reconstructive treatment types and the side effects from these treatments, and encourages critical thinking skill development so Fitness Professionals can tailor each program individually. Exercise guidelines are taught within the Pilates Method Scope of Practice. 

*CECs: NCPT 4 Price $150.00 (ask about how you can get a discount)

Read the Flyer for More Info: Bounce Back from Breast Cancer