Bridging Fitness and Pilates

I have been teaching fitness classes since I was I high school.  I have been an international fitness educator for AAAI upon finishing my Master’s Degree from Tennessee where I start teaching at the University level.  I have been a private trainer with a diverse population of individuals in three different states.   However, I did not realize that I had become a more quality fitness professional until I found The Pilates Method. It took my personal awareness and teaching skills to another dimension.

I thrive on learning, participating and growing for both my private practice and my teaching programs. I stay in the presence of quality teachers to elevate my knowledge even further while molding it into my programming.  I thirst for more understanding of human movement and want to share what I know to others faster than I obtained it.  I desire to offer the Cadillacs of programs through my Fitness Education of AAAI/ISMA and PSC.  The more I know the more I realize there is more to know.

My observation from working in both the fitness and Pilates worlds has shown me that I rarely see many quality trainers unless they have a combined fitness AND Pilates (intrinsic) background.  I want to bridge this gap and polish the two types of instructors into a teacher that can work with EVERYONE.

Why AAAI?  I have always loved working for AAAI because they continue to teach University style classes from a real live teacher, with a written and practical exam.  Ignoring the trend, AAAI Refuses to put certifications and continuing education on-line and using a standardized exam format.  I truly feel that if Fitness Professionals are working with people, they should learn their trade in person and not from a video.

I feel the Fitness Industry limits a trainer’s learning to Global Muscle movement and development.  The Pilates Method takes trainers beyond and teaches instructors how to move from the inside out. It still takes years of practice to develop into a Pilates Teacher.  If I had to pick one modality for training, I would pick Pilates because it is truly the most efficient movement method out there.  However, Pilates can miss that heavy muscle strength training that you get in a gym with free weights and body conditioning.

I want to fine tune careers by bridging Fitness and Pilates to prepare a complete Fitness Teacher.

Why PSC? It is the one Pilates program that teaches: Anatomy and The Method Fundamentals from both the Classical and Progressive full repretoir. Students complete several projects, and take a practical and written exam. This program is the ultimate Corrective Exercise Training – CET for a full 360-degree class.

A PSC education is a preparatory school and Continuing Education Provider for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

Are you the trainer that wants to take your career to the next level?  You will have so much more knowledge than other trainers while combining The Pilates Method with Fitness Training.

Are you a Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer that gives you a more diverse intrinsic movement method to give your patients.

After satisfactory completion of either course, you will be one step closer to reaching your potential.